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Ben 10
Ben 10
Upon discovering a mysterious device known as the Omnitrix, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson is bestowed with the power to change into 10 different alien heroes. Each alien hero has its own unique and awesome powers. Although Ben now has the added responsibility to protect others and fight evil forces, he still manages to find time for some mischief and fun! Character Bios Heat Blast - Comes from an alien race that lives on the sun rather than a planet. He can project bolts of fire from his hands and mouth, and create fireballs that he can either throw or roll. He also has the ability to absorb flames and heat, meaning he can put out a fire just as quickly as he starts one. Powers/Strengths - Fireballs, absorption of heat/fire. Weaknesses - Excess water.

Status: Completed
Released: 2007

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